6 Breeds of Cat Who Will Love Taking A Bath With You

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There are some cat breeds who really do love water and playing in water, and this can be highly amusements to the humans who live with them.  However, this does not always mean they like bubble baths, but they certainly are not averse to playing in shallow bath water with toys or jumping in the bath or shower with you, some are more tenacious than others, so here are cats breeds you can take a bath with.  Click next to continue through the pages and the videos ♥

Bengal Cats

You can keep your TV shows featuring animals and nature. Your super-smart Bengal prefers stalking and swatting at anything that floats in water — be it an ice cube in your glass of iced tea or a rubber ducky floating in your bubble bath. Don’t bother closing the bathroom door because Bengals hate being shut out of fun and will either figure out how to paw open the door or yowl until you concede and let them in. Descendants of the water-loving Asian Leopard Cats, Bengals revel in the spray from your shower head or may even boldly join you in the bathtub.

Turkish Van

Meet the Michael Phelps of the feline world! The Turkish Van sports the nickname “swimming cat” because, according to folklore, two Turkish Vans were allegedly on board Noah’s Ark but jumped into the water and swam for shore in what is now Turkey. Growing up in this hot, arid land, the cat cooled down by swimming in Lake Van. Modern Turkish Vans love swimming and playing in shallow water but merely tolerate being bathed with soap. Warning: This creative, play-minded breed may view the toilet bowl as an indoor fishing hole or figure out how to turn on the tap with his paw.

Maine Coon

Shaggy, strong, sweet and large, the Maine Coon has earned its nickname: Gentle Giant. Around water, however, this breed takes on raccoon-like behaviours such as scooping water with his front paws to quench his thirst or dunking his favourite toys in his water bowl. Savvy Maine Coon owners have learned to park the water bowl inside a larger, high-sided container like an empty large litterbox. Keep the lid down on your toilet bowl; otherwise your Maine Coon is apt to engage in a one-cat toilet-pool party and leave a watery mess on your bathroom floor.

American Bobtail

Dubbed the Golden Retriever of the cat world, the American Bobtail shares this canine’s love for water. Don’t be surprised if your Bobtail happily dunks his toy mouse in his water bowl. But that isn’t the American Bobtail’s only canine-like behaviour. This cat may hound you from room to room and some even wag their short tails and delight in walking on leashes for short strolls. This is a big, muscular cat with a reputation for welcoming friendships with other cats in the house, guests and even dogs.

Sphynx Cats

This cat is not like most, he loves playing in the water. During bath time, all he wants to do is splash around. This cat would spend all day in the tub if it could!  Not all Sphynx cats love diving into the bath but the one who do seem to really love it and are most reluctant to leave the bath when their human tries to eject

Turkish Angora

Flashing a silky coat and a long body, the Turkish Angora is animated, agile and always up for water play. Indoor TAs will fight boredom by splashing water out of a sink and hopping in the shower with you. And when they hear the sound of water, they will come running. Some outdoor TAs have been known to paddle around in ponds and shallow streams. Turkish Angora cats can be stubborn and chatty and while they are not known for being lap cats, they are extremely loving and loyal to their favourite people.